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BILL FREEHAN (former Detroit Tiger Catcher)
Yes, I am the former Detroit Tiger Catcher, playing ball from 1961 to 1976. I have been going to chiropractors for years and when I retired to Northern Michigan, I was referred by a good friend to go see Dr. Beno. Even though I had low back spinal fusion in the middle of my career, I was able to continue my career as a baseball player because I utilized chiropractic care for my continued back pain.
I now continue to receive regular chiropractic care from Dr. Beno because I still lead a very active lifestyle and my back goes out of alignment periodically giving me pain. Snowmobiling, splitting wood and biking can cause back pain. I like Dr. Beno's treatments because he can give me natural pain relief!
I would recommend Dr. Beno's care for anyone suffering from low back pain, mid to upper back pain and neck and shoulder pain. In addition to spinal adjustments to get the spine realigned, he gives me trigger point therapy to relax the tight muscles caused by my active lifestyle. I think it is important to get regular chiropractic care from Dr. Beno for anyone who has an active lifestyle to help control back pain naturally.
Bill Freehan
Former Detroit Tiger Catcher

It all started about 2 years ago when for no reason I had a dull pain in my lower back. I went to a medical doctor and had some x-rays taken. The doctor said everything looked fine. In August 2006, the pain was so bad I couldn't take it anymore. A good friend of mine, who is a patient of Dr. Beno's, picked me up and drove me all the way from the U.P. to see him.
After three treatments I felt pretty good. Then, getting busy at our store I wasn't able to take the time to follow up with my appointments. "BIG MISTAKE!" I was back to having so much pain that I couldn't even get out of bed. I was unable to stand for more than four minutes at a time, and couldn't sit at all. My wife was now driving me back to see Dr. Beno. I have never felt pain like this in my life. Again, after the third or fourth treatment, I was feeling great. This was the best I had felt in two years. I refer everyone who asks how I am feeling. Thank you Dr. Beno and all your staff.

"On March 4th, 2009, I received an evaluation, and first treatment, from Dr. Beno. For several years I had been suffering from a myriad of problems including frequent headaches, lower back pain, knee pain and muscle and additional joint pain. Because the severity of discomfort could be great at times, I was frequently limited in my mobility.

Because I had been a patient of a Chiropractor downstate, I was aware of the benefit of treatment, but had no idea from whom I should seek relief after moving North. I finally consulted the Yellow Pages, but still was unable to select a Dr. At great length, during a conversation with a coworker, Dr. Beno was recommended to me. I did a little investigating and discovered that Dr. Beno has a great reputation.

I made an appointment and have never looked back. From the very first treatment I have enjoyed ever improving flexibility and far less discomfort and pain. The lower back pain that I had learned to "live with" is nearly gone, my headaches are less frequent and much less painful, and although I am aware that the road to recovery is not instant, I look forward to ever improving health."
Carol A. Hyde
"My first visit, as a patient, to the office of Dr. Beno was on March 11, 2009. Although I had accompanied my wife on several visits, I was still a skeptic, to say the least. I have suffered health problems connected to my heart since 2002, and assumed that my lack of energy, stamina and strength was totally attributable to that particular health issue. I had much to learn.

Finally, taking my wife's advice, I made an appointment for an evaluation. I will admit that I thought some parts of the evaluation were a little odd. So what if my right shoulder is considerable lower than my left shoulder! What difference could it make that I roll my feet out when I walk? Is it a Big Deal that I can only turn my head a few inches to either the right or left? Well, I am here to tell you ...Yes..All of those things were of monumental importance.

From the very first adjustment I experienced a notable difference in the neck pain I suffered; I slept better and enjoyed a reduction of the pain in my shoulder. I have now had five treatments, and feel better that I have in years. There is no doubt that I face a journey toward better health, but it will be a journey that can only get better and better. Thank you Dr. Beno."
David G. Hyde
" I came to Dr. Beno in May 2006 with severe light-headedness and dizziness. The dizziness was so bad that I could hardly stand or walk without holding onto something. I spent 5 days in the hospital while doctors performed multiple tests trying to find a diagnosis to my problem. All the tests came back negative.
One day while I was talking to my daughter she suggested the I make an appointment with Dr. Beno. She had been seeing him and believed he would be able to help me. I made the appointment and I'm glad I did. After a few adjustments, I noticed a big improvement. It has been a a year now and I rarely have the dizziness that I had been experiencing. I am so glad my daughter referred me for chiropractic care!
Thank you Dr. Beno and Staff!"
Lavona Johnson
"I came to Dr. Beno in July 2006 with severe low back pain and right lateral thigh pain. It all started when I took a 9 hour golf clinic. By the end of the second week of treatment with Dr. Beno I felt so much better. Dr. Beno showed me on my x-rays what the problem was and continued treatment to correct the problem. The pain is now totally gone with only some occasional low back soreness. I am so happy that Dr. Beno was able to care for me without the use of drugs and surgery.
Then in October 2006 our car was struck by another car as we were turning left. The car sustained over $5000.00 in damages and I was very sore in my mid-back. I then came back to the Beno Clinic to see if Dr. Beno could help me again. Dr. Beno examined me and found a very sore spot upon touching my mid-back and used Applied Kinesology muscle testing to determine if the mid-back was out of place. He advised me that my back and ribs were out of alignment. He then gave me a very gentle adjustment and I got off his chiropractic table feeling much better. I have continued with chiropractic care and have experience continued improvement. Thank You Dr. Beno and Staff. "
Sheryl Pawlak
"I came to see Dr. Beno in August 2005 when I threw my back out. I was in severe pain. Working as a carpenter, I have had little aches and pains, but this time the pain was extreme. I found Dr. Beno's ad in the yellow pages and called the Beno Clinic for an appointment.
I had immediate results, and was able to attend a wedding by the end of the week. Dr. Beno also diagnosed and treated a condition known as Planter Fascitis in my feet. After three visits and a pair of custom made orthotics from Dr. Beno, my back is feeling great. Also, for the first time in 18 months I am able to stand up in the morning without any foot pain. I wish that I would have come to see Dr. Beno 18 months ago. I feel great! "
Jim LeJune
"I was referred to Dr. Beno by the Mayo Clinic for my lower back pain, which was very severe upon arising in the morning and my left foot drop.
I had been treated previously by my internist with the drug celebrex, with poor results.
Dr. Beno is the first doctor I've gone to who took x-rays in a weight bearing position, who measured my hip levels, who recommened orthotics to re-establish proper spinal support, who fit me with a back brace to stablilize my spine, who could painlessly manipulate my spine and who offered me alternative other than oral pain meds for my back pain.
After a few short weeks, I now have periods when I am pretty much pain-free and I am noticing improvement in my left foot drop.
Thank you Dr. Beno for helping me!"
Dr. John Fochtman M.D.
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